Mental Health Story Time

I can’t breath! Anxiety are you here?

Anxiety, and nightmare in the night!

My heart stuck in my chest, I can’t breath! I feel like bad emotions are falling on my soul. I can’t think. Anxiety is here! I panic. I can’t stop it. I feel so vulnerable. It’s a nightmare. How will I face this? I’m all alone. I feel stuck in my own mind. What can I do?

So much pain, It feels like a truck hit me. I happen so fast, I did not have time to prepare my mind. It’s here! Anxiety took control of my body and mind! I’m like a baby, so small, so, vulnerable. How will I get out of this one?

Theses are small tips that helps me pass trough the ruff times!
  1. Go into a quiet place! Stay away from an overwhelming environment!
  2. Reassure yourself, be kind and respect your feelings. As yourself, what you can change now to feel better!
  3. Breath! Slowly, put your mind on the sound of your breathing.
  4. You don’t need to be alone!
  5. Look the time! It will reassure you! It will pass, you are okay!


Thanks so much for reading, I do understand how you feel and it can be hard. Please seek help if your anxiety feels unbearable! Don’t face it alone! You are loved and don’t forget how strong you are!

Please visit any of those websites if you need immediate help:




With all my love,

Melly Moore

P.S English is my second language! I may make mistakes! šŸ™‚