Story Time

Dear You! Open letter

Dear you, a pen and paper on the table

Dear You,

I heard the news, I can imagine how you feel right now! You must have so many questions. Maybe you don’t really understand, yet, what it means.

It’s okay to feel confused, but don’t be scared! You will figure it out. You will be okay. I promise! Your diagnoses, is only here to help you understand yourself, and answer all the questions that you had, all this time.

Cry as much as you like, it’s part of the process. It’s a lot to process, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed! You will feel better, I promise!

Simply, don’t be alone! Remember, that you can count on me!!! Talking about your feeling, will help you understand them. You cannot change the fact that you are Neuro divergent, but acceptance will give you peace.

With your diagnosis, you will be able to find tips to help you cope with your difficulties. You will see! You will finally feel like yourself, in control of your life!

Being different, it’s not all bad! You are an amazing person and are capable of greatness! Don’t forget how creative and strong, you are!

Don’t give up! With time, it will be easier!

You are love, and people care about you!

With lot of love,

Melly Moore