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Goals June to January

Somebody that just crush's their Goals!

Each 6 months I love to write my goals, It helps me focus on what I really want. With ADHD, it helps me getting what I want in life, and know what I actually desire in this world. ADHD, makes my life harder, when it’s time to think about the long term.

This is why I rarely do goals for more than a year. It’s way easier to see myself in a 6 months range. As you will see, I am separating personal and professional Goal, because, It helps me for the readability.

Let’s See Together What I Wish in the next 6 months!

Personal Goals
  1. Loose 15 to 20 pounds: And that’s without starving myself to death. I have gained almost 15 pounds in a year! I have to go back on track! Get healthier and stronger and I will track my progress in my Fitness planner each day!
  2. Do more activities! Go outside more: I have the impression I am not doing enough in one day and I’m all the time in front of my computer, it is no good!
  3. Save a bit of money: At least twenty dollars per month to help me get to an healthier financial lifestyle !
  4. Read 3 books a month: No excuses for not having time! I need to make the time for it! Of course, if I can read more, it will be perfect!
  5. Buy more durable clothing: Taking time to invest in clothing that I love, and not in stuff that will go to waste in a matter of time!
  6. Write in my journal frequently: Yeah I need to write more, even if it’s a bad and awful day… It’s important I keep track of my progress and talk about my struggles, and think about how I can face them..
  7. Be more grateful for what I have: I think this last one is the most important. Sometimes I do cry to the moon, because my life is not an easy one, but I have a wonderful family and friends!

Professional Goals

  1. Stay active on Twitch: Get online, on schedule, have 50 followers, and mostly, have lot of fun! What will be also fantastic is I can get also donation, because it will help me writing and stream some content.
  2. Find more clients for my business: I do want to have a profitable business by 2022. Less drama, and more profits. Ideally I’d like to have 3 website clients each month and coach 10 peoples!
  3. Write more: I need to be able to write 1 article each week and be able to post it each Tuesday. Having a schedule that I respect will help my reader find me!
  4. Post WordPress Videos: Post small videos about WordPress each Wednesday and keep that schedule!
  5. Work more on my social networks: Add new content everyday on LinkedIn and each week for Instagram and Twitter!


I wonder, do you set your goals often? Do you revaluate yourself? Please tell me everting! I’m very curious!

Have an amazing new month!

Melly Moore


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Someone crushing their goals

Goals June to January

Each 6 months I love to write my goals, It helps me focus on what I really want. With ADHD, it helps me getting what

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