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6 things a new business owner is fed up from hearing

Business woman mad!

Open a new business takes a lot of courage and determination. That also means that you had to make some sacrifice to arrive were you are right now. It’s definitely not easy at the beginning. Maybe with the pandemic, your hard work was compromise, or you had less clients than usual. You are warriors. You are not defeat easily, but some comments, from friend and family, triggers your nerves!

What to NEVER say to a new business owner

1. You’re still on the computer, but what are you doing?

Nothing of course, I like doing nothing in my life …My current client will be served with the shake of a magic wand and my prospects will magically arrive. Without doing anything! What a wonderful life!

2. I would like it, to have a job where I can work anytime I want

Ok, let’s say I didn’t hear anything. It’s not you who goes to bed at 3 a.m. and works almost 7 days a week. It takes time, lot of time to build a business. There is never a separation between work and home. I live to help people getting their goals achieve!

3. You are still on vacation!

I admit I have almost 3 weeks of summer vacation, which I choose. A simple compensation, since they are not paid! Plus, with the affirmation from above, I think I deserve them. I also need to relax and do self-care!

4. You don’t want to have a “real job”?

No, I love to have a fake job! It amuses me to not have immediate financial security.

5. Or on the contrary: You must be rich to work for yourself!

So much! At the end of the month, I eat Kraft dinner! Getting rich takes a lot of hard work and time! Many entrepreneurs are struggling and sometimes have to take salaried jobs to get there. It’s a passion above all!

You spend your life on social media, work instead!

Again … I would love to have customers line up outside my door, without doing anything. With social media, I also engage with amazing people! I also learn so many things! It helps my business thrive and be successful!

Bonus: Are you giving up your great job for THAT?

Who tell you I was happy working in that business? Did you know my mental health was affected? Having a business, is the best job in the world! It’s so rewarding! I do learn a lot about myself and see how strong and capable I am!

Yay for business owners! Do you reconise any of this?


We are persistent and we will succeed! It’s about showing our talent to the world! Let’s not give up in the face of difficult stages in our life. Do you have other comments, that are told to you regularly, that you would like to add to this list? Write it as a comment!

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There is the right employee for each boss. Send anyone this and ask do we fit together?

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