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The 4 differences between WordPress .COM and .ORG

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Which one should you choose? .COM OR .ORG?

I used to write a lot of articles on WordPress, website and blog design CMS. Today, I would like to help anyone who does not understand the difference between these two sites. So I decided to create this article based on the 4 important points that differentiate these two platforms.

1. Open source !

WordPress.ORG is an open source platform, which means, a team is volunteering to develop a free application whom everyone has the right to modify it and do whatever they want with it.

WordPress.COM is a company that provides the platform, hosted on their servers. This means that the second option is only free if you accept advertisements and the absence of a personalized domain name. Everything else has to be paid for.

2.. COM provides hosting and. ORG is downloadable.

If you opt for WordPress.COM you will be able to order your domain name directly from their servers, however, you will have no way of managing it, as you see fit, unless you transfer it elsewhere!

WordPress.ORG must first be downloaded and installed on your server, along with a database. You need to have a minimum of knowledge and know how to use FTP. On the other hand, some webhosts offer to do this work for you, but again, you will have less freedom over where your site is located.

3. .COM costs more than .ORG

As I explained, WordPress.ORG is a free platform! However, you will need to get hosting and a domain name. It does cost money, depending on how much space you want. You will have total freedom on your site. For less than $ 200 CAD per year, you can have your domain name and hosting. On L’auberge du Web (my business I charge 130$ USD to host and install WordPress).

On WordPress.COM, to have access to all the services, it will cost you about $389 US each year. However, you will have fewer benefits and customizations than .ORG

.ORG = unlimited customization> .COM = general limitation, but easy to start

WordPress.COM limits you from everywhere! In the free version, you will not have access to the e-commerce module, which is also open source (woocommerce). WordPress.ORG gives you access to a library of free extensions! Extensions are mostly free! You will have access to thousands of themes of all kinds! Also, if you want to change the PHP code, forget about WordPress.COM! With the this one, you will only be able to use what is provided to you!

If you already have a WordPress.COM, you can hopefully easily transfer in on WordPress.ORG. So, If you are incertain to commit with WordPress in general, starting with the free version of WordPress.COM may be a good idea.


Whether it’s .COM or .ORG you choose, I hope this article has enlightened you on the difference between these two platforms! That you can make the choice that suits you! If you like, don’t hesitate to share my article!

With a lot of love,

Melly Moore

P.S Don’t forget English is my second language!

P.S Please see my resumé!


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